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Daily/weekly Retail prices of Groundnut Oil (Packed)

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Get Daily/weekly data of Retail prices of Groundnut Oil (Packed). Price is monitored for essential commodities based on data collected from 75 market centres spread across the country representing North, West, East, South and North-eastern regions of the country. Price Monitoring Cell (PMC) in the Department of Consumer Affairs is responsible for monitoring prices of selected essential commodities. The Quality and variety of the item for which prices are reported may vary from centre to centre but remains the same for a given centre. Generally, prices are reported for the Fair Average Quality of the item for a given centre. Every centre has a standard quality and variety of item for which prices are reported by them.
Chief Data Officer
Name: Shri M. Ramesh Chandra
Addl. Economic Adviser
Ministry/State/Department: Ministry of Consumer Affairs, Food and Public Distribution
Department of Consumer Affairs
  • +91 1123385444
Room No. 546-C, Krishi Bhawan, New Delhi - 110001