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Indian Panorama

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The data refers to listing of feature and non-feature films (with film name, language, name of producer, address and name of director). Indian Panorama is the focus of interest for foreign visitors during International Film Festival of India and this invites the participation of national film makers from all regions and languages. The selection of the best entries for the year, made by panels of eminent personalities associated with the cinema, is based on Thematic and aesthetic excellence of films, without any attempt at regional representation. The films are provided with English subtitles before being screened at the festival. Films from this section are also ear-marked for sending to festival abroad and in India.
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Name: Shri P K Abdul Kareem
Economic Adviser
Ministry/State/Department: Ministry of Information and Broadcasting
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Room No. 665, 'A' Wing, Shastri Bhawan, New Delhi.