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Environment and Forest

The data refers to state-wise details of recorded forest area (in square km). Recorded Forest Area refers to all the geographic areas recorded as 'Forests' in government records. It consists of Reserved Forests and Protected Forests which have been constituted under the provisions of the Indian Forest Act, 1927.
The data refers to details of simplified error matrix. It has been prepared by grouping land use classes into 'forest' and 'non-forest'. This is done by combining VDF, MDF and OF into one class viz. 'forest' and scrub and non-forest classes into 'non-forest'.
The data refers to State/UT-wise summary of growing stock in forests. It provides details regarding volume of growing stock and recorded forest area.
The data refers to details of State/UT-wise tree cover estimates. Tree cover comprises of tree patches outside the recorded forest area exclusive of forest cover and less than the minimum mappabe area (1 ha).
The data refers to aggregate growing stock of forests and trees outside forests (TOF) of India. Growing Stock refers to the sum (by number or volume) of all the trees growing/living in the forest or a specified part of it.


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