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Family Welfare Statistics

The data refers to details of total specialists at Community Health Centres(CHCs)
The data refers to Total Fertility Rate and Age Specific Fertility Rates by Educational Level of Women.
The data refers to Top 10 causes of death in India (age below 1 as %).
The data refers to Top 10 causes of death in EAG States- Assam and Other State.
The data refers to state wise number of Tetanus immunisation for expectant mothers (II+booster).
The data refers to number of Safe Delivery - Births assisted by Doctor/Nurse/LHV/ANM/Other Health Personnel - National Family Health Survey (NFHS),District Level Household and Facility Survey(DLHS) and Coverage Evaluation Survey- UNICEF (CES).
The data refers to Projected population characteristics(Population,Sex ratio,Population density,Population by broad age-group,Proportion (percent),Median age,Dependency Ratio,Population growth rate,Crude Birth rate(CBR),Crude Death rate (CDR),Infant Mortality Rate (IMR),Under-5 mortality rate,Total Fertility Rate (TFR),Life expectancy of males,Life expectancy of females) of India.
The data refers to Projected levels of the expectation of life at birth .
The data refers to Population Growth- Crude Birth and Death Rates and Sex-ratio.
The data refers to state wise Polio Immunisation.


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