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How to use Datasets APIs

    API Key Generation & Access of API URLs

      A. API Key generation

      The API key is needed to access APIs available on the OGD Platform. To generate your API key.

    • Click on the My Account Icon on the top right corner and the following page will be displayed:
    • Click on My Account.

      • Now Click on Generate Your API Key option

      Click on Generate Your API Key option.

    • Cấm ca slotAPI key for OGD Platform is generated, as shown below:

      • Save this API key. It can be used for accessing available APIs of the datasets.

      Cấm ca slotSave this API key.

    • B. Access Of API URLs Using API Key

      Cấm ca slotAPIs are available for some datasets on the OGD platform. It is provided on feedbacks/ API requests from the public. One can see all the datasets where APIs are available by clicking on filter by API option link available on the catalogs section.

      Once you click on such a resource (dataset) under the catalog where API is available, you will get a button link 'Data API'.

      Click on ‘Data API’ button.

      • The following Dataset API detail page is displayed:

      The following Dataset API detail page is displayed.

      Dataset API can be accessed using Data store API URL by providing your API Key in the URL (Replace YOURKEY written in the URL with the generated API Key). For Instance:

      The method to send request parameters and get return values through API have been explained in the Dataset API detail page above. Example has also been given to make it understand better.