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Agricultural Produces

wanted csv file of Dataset on markerprice onion
The data refers to the projection of demand and supply of food grains and other food items during twelfth five year plan.
The data refers to district wise, crop wise, season wise and year wise data on crop covered area (Hectare) and production (Tonnes). The data is being used to study and analyse crop production, production contribution to district/State/country, Agro-climatic zone wise performance, and high yield production order for crops, crop growing pattern and diversification. The system is also a vital source for formulating crop related schemes and assessing their impacts.
The data refers to the list of horticultural crops varieties that have been released and notified (central release) during the year. The horticultural crops include fruit crops, vegetable crops, tuber crops, floricultural crops, spices, medicinal and aromatic plant, plantation crops and potato.
The data refers to the list of certified varieties of horticulture crops released during the year. The crops include vegetable crops, fruits, floriculture crops, tuber crops, medicinal crops, aromatic crops, seed spices, spices and plantation crops.
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