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Home Affairs and Enforcement

All FIR and Charge sheets filed in last 2 years with area details
crime data of india in 2020
dataset of crimes happening against women with convicts details in every city for last 5 years
NCRB 2019 data
Suicide data by age, sex, cause and city from 2015 till 2019
Dataset of prison population by age, city, offence for 2015 till 2019
City having highest crime rate in India, last 10 years data
Cyber crime data for the last 10 years
Indian Rape data, state and city wise, internet users, literacy rate, unemployment rate, age group and crimes details, age, education, school ( boys or coed), single parents or no parents, internet users, employed or not, daily job for minimum last 10 years
Can we get dataset of location wise rape cases registered and convictions made in last 10 years


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